Tuesday, September 4, 2012


That’s right folks, I’ve been juggling several irons in the fire, burning the midnight oil, fingers in many pies, been working till the cows come home! (whatever time that is)

I’ve been pushing the envelope and reaching the spectrum!  I have recently had the fortune of working on over 15 murals for a brand new preschool as well as signs for a bar on the east side of Houston. AT THE SAME TIME!

Woodland critters (sans cigarettes and switchblades) wander around the Fish Kids Christian Academy campus.  Think “kid friendly” for this early childhood development center in Montgomery, Texas.


Once the kiddos started rolling in, it was the night shift for me!  Can’t have the little one’s in the paint or trying out the scaffolding like a jungle gym!

Now for the 60 something beer taps…

While keeping my schedule tight trekking back a forth to Montgomery, I’ve also been commissioned to paint some fun cartoon varmints for the older, more seasoned kiddos!

The Moon Tower Inn will soon be servicing the Houston area with 60+ beer taps and their very own home brewery.  I made sure they had some fitting signs for their establishment.

On top of that, I continue to work continuously on new pieces for the future.

Crack that whip!  Hands to the plow! Full steam ahead!